Proposed Development:Glenbrook
Location: 1330 & 1350 Glenbrook Street, Coquitlam
Proposed Completion: Summer 2019

Who we are:

  • Park Ridge Homes is a family owned reputable builder that has been working in the City of Coquitlam for over 28 years.
  • Park Ridge built three beautiful custom homes for families along Glenbrook Street in the last ten years and is very familiar with the community and neighbourhood

Why Redevelop:

  • The current condition of the home and yard at 1350 Glenbrook is very poor and does not fit with the overall feel and quality of the homes along Glenbrook Street.
  • The seven new homes will update and complete this section of Glenbrook Street to more consistently match the overall feel and prestige that Glenbrook Street holds in the City of Coquitlam

Benefits of Development:

  • Remove the old home and poor yard conditions at 1350 Glenbrook.
  • Create new lots with the same width as the other new homes on the west side of Glenbrook Street.
  • Remove the existing ditch and build a new sidewalk on the west side of Glenbrook.
  • Complete the road works and paving on the west side of Glenbrook.
  • Donate  lands to the City of Coquitlam for the Hyde Creek Parklands – 10, 322 Sq. Metres.
  • Professional Geotechnical review of the bank and slope for Engineering assurance of the stability of the bank and slope.
  • Remove the poorly built retaining wall and home-made storm water system against Hyde Creek.
  • Proper grading and new retaining wall along portions of the bank with black chain link fencing and Professional Arborist to review of the trees on the property.
  • Environmental Engineer Review of the trees and animals on the Hyde Creek ravine and protection of these environments.
  • Implement storm water management systems for the homes so that rain water is directed into the City’s storm system and not imposing on the bank.
  • Position the new  homes in relation to the top of bank to match existing homes that have been in place for decades.



Proposed Subdivision Layout

Existing Subdivision Setbacks

Existing Development Satellite

Environmental Study

Proposed Subdivision Setbacks

Geotechnical Diagram - 1

  • The request for a few of the lots to be RS-8 lots is due to the depth restriction for the rear yard and the top of the bank.
  • The location of the rear of the home complies with the City setback of 6.2 meters.
  • The front yard setback for RS-8 lots is 4.0 meters.  We have requested an INCREASE to 6.0 meters to push the homes back and give a more generous building envelope.  We have the option of increasing the setback to 7.6m meters to match what is required of all other homes in the neighbourhood. 
  • All homes will have parking for two cars in the garage and two cars on the driveway.  This meets the minimum of all the other homes on the west side of Glenbrook.
  • We would like to submit design guidelines for the homes so that the exterior style must fit the form and character of the rest of the homes along Glenbrook Street.  This is not a requirement but Park Ridge feels it is important and adds value to the neighbourhood.
  • The width of the RS-8 lots is set at 16.0 meters to match the lots to the north of our property along Glenbrook.

Geotechnical Diagram - 2

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